Financial Information Services.

Welcome to the City of Yorkton's Financial Information Services site.  The FIS allows the public to query up-to-date information regarding taxes, assessments, business licenses, accounts receivable, and utility billing.  The services provided here can be classified into two areas:

General Information  Data of this type is available to everyone and does not require any passwords or special access. This includes general property information found under "Tax Inquiry (Public)" (found on the left-hand menu), and does not include assessment information.
PIN Based Information  Data of this type is available only to specific users (i.e. taxpayers) and does require a case sensitive pin/password. Data of this type is found in all menu choices along the left except for "Tax Inquiry (Public)".

We took great care to ensure that confidential data is kept secure, and to that end, ask anyone wishing to obtain their Pin/Password for access to detailed billing/assessment information to go in person with two pieces of ID to City Hall and make a request for it.  Requests for Pins over the phone will be denied.

For taxpayers, please note that your Roll Number can be found on your tax notice.

Use the menu on the left of the screen to access the various services.